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Corporate culture refers to the organisational culture that encompasses the vision, values, behaviours, and practices of our company.

Mortgage Network

Mark Ninnim

Marketing Director

Responsible for culture awareness & delivery

It starts with a vision...

Our culture is more than the output of a coffee fuelled workshop where the loudest voice wins. It is a deep routed belief system that runs through the veins of the business. It starts at the top and cascades through our hierarchy and applies to everyone who represents the Group in whatever way.

"To be recognised as the network of choice. Building upon our award winning reputation of providing advice that our customers can trust. To be the company industry professionals aspire to join, and our clients want to use over and over again."

Our mission and purpose

A good mission statement is useful tool for a well-run business. It’s the “why” of business strategy. A marketing person (like me) might say that “it’s the problem we solve in society”

Our mission statement clearly defines what we do for our members and their respective customers.


Mortgage Network
Mortgage Network

mortgage network

To give our members the day to day support the they need to grow their businesses and to provide compliance to keep them and our lender partners safe.

Mortgage Network

mortgage advice

To drive down the cost of homeownership by offering quality advice and products throughout the whole of the mortgage, not just the initial term.

Mortgage Network


To make sure that our clients understand how they can maintain their financial security when things go wrong.

Mortgage Network

wealth management

To offer our investors access to advice that will offer the maximum return permitted by a full understanding their risk profile.

Mortgage Network

surveying services

Delivering quality, fast and accurate valuations to our lender partners and value adding HomeBuyer Reports to our retail customers.

Application of our culture when goal and business planning

Our culture is made up from a combination of regulation, vision, purpose and values. It is these ingredients that when mixed together define who we are. When defining strategies and overcoming challenges, we consider our behaviours in order to achieve a list of activities that fit within our culture.

We develop and communicate our strategies using proven methodology shown in the below ‘strategy pyramid’. Doing this ensures that we stick to the rules when planning and never stray from our culture by adopting strategies or tactics that do not fit.


At the very top of our company strategy pyramid. It sets the tone for everything below.

Mortgage Network


The second layer adopts the principles of the first and adds depth to the culture.

Mortgage Network


Values are built from our vision and purpose and are who we are and what we do.

Mortgage Network

Our core values

Our values help us stay within our vision and mission goals by being more specific. It’s not an exhaustive ‘nice things to do’ list  but six principles that give you a flavour of what we are about.

The delivery of these values applies to everyone within the business sharing the responsibility of excellence and quality equally. There is no hierarchy when it comes to delivering these values.


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With everything we do, we must try to add as much value as we possibly can. If 5 stars is the maximum, we should aim for 6.

To generate loyalty amongst our network members and to help them generate the same trust and bond with their clients.

The day we stop doing the right thing for our members, lender partners and clients, we risk becoming the same everyone else. 

Making recommendations only after fulling understanding a clients circumstances from a huge range or market leading products.

In order to achieve our mission we see our clients as lifelong acquaintances not one stop transactions.

We believe that if our clients trust us to arrange debt on their behalf, we should repay that trust with advice on how to maintain the debt and their lifestyle when things go wrong.

We think that you people should treat others how they would expect to be treated themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

Adopting sustainability where we can and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. We think it is our corporate responsibility to give back where we can and play our part within the communities we thrive.

Non-negotiable aspects to our culture

Culture shouldn’t be confused with regulation but it would be wrong not to recognise the Conduct Rules as they  play a huge role within our business. Anyone who represents The Finance Planning Group will observe and be assessed against the Senior Manager and Conduct Rules.

Integrity – Act with skill care & due diligence – Cooperative with our regulators – Treat Customers Fairly – Observe proper standards of market conduct.


Mortgage Network
Mortgage Network

And finally, let's have fun...

It’s old saying but find a job you love and it’s no longer a job. This is very true and we do our best to encourage a happy, fun and harmonious working environment.

Take control of your work life balance and overall happiness by working for a company that puts your personal well-being first. 

If you’re not already part of the group, come and have a coffee and see what we are about, we think you will like what you see.

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