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Are you a Protection focussed broker? Or, are you a mortgage and protection broker? Or, do you dabble? It’s a sensible question because we are all different. We recognise this and have a sales process to suit. If you want to pass leads to one of our protection advisers, we can do this for you.

Mortgage Network News

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What’s new this month in the world of The Finance Planning Group? This week we are talking about our popular broker sites and how to A) get one and B) how to get the most out of them! If you do not have your own website, you could be missing a trick…

1.19 Billion Lent

Mortgage Network

Every year we pop a cork when we hit the 1 billion mark and this year it was sooner than expected! It’s a combined celebration as it also means our brokers are ahead of the game also. Are you with a network that is helping you take advantage of the good times while building a … Read more

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