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Please completete this Appointed Representative application form and upload any supporting documentation.

AR Application Form (Full)
  • About You
  • Address History
  • Occupational History
  • Accountant Reference
  • Character Reference
  • Disclosure
  • Additional Information
  • Declaration

About You

This section is about who you are and how you identify yourself. If you are known by, or have been known by anyother names, it is important that you tell us. Please also include your current contact details for future communications.


If your address has changed in the last three years, please provide addresses for the previous three years.

For proof of residence, please provide utility bill dated within the last three calendar months, mobile phone bills are not acceptable. The proof of residence should clearly show the company that issued the document, your name and the address where you currently reside.

Occupational History

This section must be completed in full, please give details for each period of employment, occupation or other activity for the previous 5 years please do not leave any gaps unexplained: if unemployed, travelling or in education, please include details and dates of these periods, also making reference to benefit office name and address where relevant. More room is provided in the free text note section if required.

Please start with current employer.

Accountant Reference

Please provide the details below if you have been self-employed during the last five years. If you have been in a partnership or a director of a company during the last five years please provide the details relating to the accountant acting for the firm, or each of the firms, if more than one firm.

Character Reference

Please provide the name and address of a character referee who has known you for at least five years and is still in contact with you now. The referee will need to authenticate the reference with a business card, business stamp or compliment slip from there place of business. Please do not provide the name of a relative, Finance planning group employee, member of your household or previous employer.


Please confirm the following

Additional Information

Please provide the following information using additional text where necesary.


I declare that the information given in this application is true and complete and I agree the information within this application shall be the basis of any appointment.

I understand that if it is found that any information provided is untrue, the appointment may be terminated at the sole of discretion of the finance planning group.

I authorise the Finance Planning Group to obtain appropriate references in support of this application.

I understand that in considering my application the finance planning group will search my records at a credit reference agency (ies) the credit reference agency will add details of this search to their records which will be seen by other organisation carrying out later searches.

I understand that it is important that I provide accurate information as it will be checked with/against fraud prevention database and if false of inaccurate information is given a fraud is specified this will be recorded should your investigations identify fraud or the commission of any other criminal offence by me (on my part) when applying for or during the course of (employment or duties) with you. You will record the details of this on the relevant fraud protection databases. This information may be accessed from the uk and other countries and used by law enforcement agency’s and by you and other organisation’s to prevent fraud.

The finance planning group and other organisations may also access may also use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example when:

  • Checking details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities.
  • Managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities.
  • Recovering dept.
  • Checking details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance.
  • Checking details of job applicants and employees
  • The Finance Planning Group and other organisations may access and use from other countries the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies.

I understand that certain information about me and my business relationship with the finance planning group will be held on a computer system (the data) I also understand that in order to allow itself and other members on the financial service industry to access the suitability, conduct and credit worthiness the finance planning group may wish to share some or all of the data with third parties, including but not restricted to credit reference agency’s (or there agents) the financial conduct authority and other companies authorised under the Financial Services Marketing Act 2000

Should any circumstances stated in this application change I will notify the finance planning group immediately I have read the complete application form and confirm that it accurately records my details.

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The Finance Planning group is a holding company, subsidiary undertakings of which are fully authorised as appropriate under the financial services and markets act in respect of their investment activities in the UK

Finance Planning Group Application form dated 13/03/2020

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